J.C. Higgins know that leadership demands more than mechanical construction service expertise. It requires an understanding of the demands individual industries impose upon a construction project and the buildings that result. It's an expertise we've gained over 80 years of serving a wide range of clients throughout Massachusetts (Attleboro, Boston, Cambridge and other MA cities) and the New England region.

Commercial projects, for example, require a commercial mechanical contractor who takes tenant occupancy dates seriously, while avoiding business, building systems, and operation downtime. We meet these kinds of challenges all the time by coordinating people and projects efficiently, creatively, and economically.

Healthcare environments, such as hospitals, laboratories, and assisted-living facilities, have significant life safety, scheduling, and other requirements. With our specialized knowledge, we know how to plan, design, install, and maintain mechanical and HVAC systems that successfully meet these industries' unique demands without interrupting routine activities or vital services.

Hospitality clients have to balance the provision of basic comforts and a lengthy list of amenities with appropriate financial returns. It's a balance we help them maintain with our high-quality fast-track mechanical construction, installation, operations, and maintenance services.

Institutional customers need to get their jobs done on fixed amounts of limited funding, while remaining sensitive to scheduling, safety, and security factors. We're well known for our dependable planning and delivery methods, our outstanding safety record, and our ability to complete projects with minimal disruption to facilities schedules and functions.

Manufacturing and industrial requirements vary considerably from one project to another. Regardless, we have the necessary scheduling and expediting expertise to handle them, while meeting the highest mechanical, facilities, and construction project safety and liability standards. The result is jobs completed consistently on time and within budget.